Beach It

There is something liberating about spending your day at a beach. The sand embraces your feet in a soft grip that tingles your senses with hot, warm, and cool sensations.

The sun shines a warm gaze on you as you rush towards the sea. The sand slows your rushing feet down not letting you take all of this in so fast.

The salty sea breeze filling your lungs as you jump into the approaching waves.

The waves engulfing you and shocking your senses into a rebirth. The sun's rays bounce off the water, teasing your eyes as you look towards the horizon.

It feels like this whole place is happy to see you.

Drift a while today with the elements.


About mushhood

I love to photograph and read books.
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3 Responses to Beach It

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi this is shakti saw that u r a tech writer, is there any job opening for one in ur company for a TW?

  2. Keep up the good work Mushhood.

  3. Mushhood says:

    @Shakti, not currently but please forward me your resume and I will keep it on file when we are looking for any writers.

    @Usman: Thanks! I enjoy reading your posts. Kudos!

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