Jiû – long time

Jiu Long Time

Handing over the two kilos of hardbound paper didn’t bring me immediate relief but rather a gradual sense of lethargy.

I perched it up on the counter to make it stand up. I didn’t have to spread out the pages too much because the girth was already pretty generous.

A sunbeam cut across the room from the glass door behind me and spread across the glossy cardboard facade igniting the golden fonts of the title.

This was it. Adieu to my academic ambassador. I had spent the last nine months with an idea of what I wanted to do and forged it through countless hours into a hardcover submission.

I could only spend a little more than 30 minutes with it. I felt like a parent that spent so much time raising their kid for life and now when the job seems done you have only but a few moments to relish the completed task.

A long journey culminating in a brief goodbye.

About mushhood

I love to photograph and read books.
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